how to open a hidden directory in MI file manager without a password

3 min readMar 1, 2021

I stumbled upon this bug or this trick you may call it. when I was searching through some log files I was being just curious about the MIUI logging system ES file explorer is good software if you wanna check it out, so let's discuss how you can open the MI file manager hidden directory without any password.

Ever wondered how can you view someone's hidden files in the MI device. It's a quite good feature to hide your files in the MI file manager. so without wasting much more time let's get to it.

It's quite funny to find out how easily you can view the files explained in the following steps.

  1. download termux from the play store or get es file explorer. you only need these for navigation to these hidden file systems.

open termux and grant the storage permission with this command


if you’re in termux type

cd //storage/emulated/0/FileExplorer/.safebox/

or if you’re in file explorer go to this path make sure you enable show hidden files.


3. when you do ls in termux you’ll see a bunch of unrecognizable names but don’t worry these are just changed file names along with the extension. this is our hidden stuff it’s just in different scrambled letters. (this is funny to find out how they take care of their security) same with a file manager. now you just need to rename them if you want or just change their extension to jpg, img, or something. (if you want to know the file extension just see the filename you’ll find out.

for termux:

mv <filename> <changed filename.extension>

5. now open the file and boom! there you have it. you opened the hidden file without providing the password.

for termux:

termux-open <filename> ( it prompts for choosing the correct app to open this file and it’ll open it)

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