how to hack a layer 2 network- DTP and VTP attack

fig1: simple network topology

You must be root to run yersinia 0.8.2

└─# yersinia -h
����۱������������� Yersinia…
۲���۱��������������۲�� The Black Death for nowadays networks
�������۱���������������۲� by Slay & tomac
�۲���������۱������� Prune your MSTP, RSTP, STP trees!!!!
Usage: yersinia [-hVGIDd] [-l logfile] [-c conffile] protocol [protocol_options]
-V Program version.
-h This help screen.
-G Graphical mode (GTK).
-I Interactive mode (ncurses).
-D Daemon mode.
-d Debug.
-l logfile Select logfile.
-c conffile Select config file.
protocol One of the following: cdp, dhcp, dot1q, dot1x, dtp, hsrp, isl, mpls, stp, vtp.
Try ‘yersinia protocol -h’ to see protocol_options helpPlease, see the man page for a full list of options and many examples.
Send your bugs & suggestions to the Yersinia developers <>
MOTD: Having lotto fun with my Denon AVC-A11XVA… :)
└─# yersinia -G
fig2: DTP packets sent from attacker
fig3: access port converted to a trunk port
fig: attacker sending VTPpackets to switch
fig: the VLAN20 removed from the switch



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I'm a cybersecurity aspirant currently working on my skills, wannabe hacker.