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I'm a cybersecurity aspirant currently working on my skills, wannabe hacker.

I stumbled upon this bug or this trick you may call it. when I was searching through some log files I was being just curious about the MIUI logging system ES file explorer is good software if you wanna check it out, so let's discuss how you can open the MI file manager hidden directory without any password.

Ever wondered how can you view someone's hidden files in the MI device. It's a quite good feature to hide your files in the MI file manager. so without wasting much more time let's get to it.

It's quite funny to find…


These are the top cybersecurity channel list not based on subscribers or the amount of content they produce but on talent and value provided by these awesome people. The channel list is well researched and recommended by professional hackers on Reddit.

As these channels are recommended by other hackers there is no chance of involving vender specific channels McAfee, Sophos, or Kaspersky as these channels only focused on selling something.

we’re living in an era where we’re finally giving value to learning security and the security-related content is freely available to us through platforms such as youtube and other platforms…

I was surfing Reddit and stumbled on this post which I found very interesting and thought it might be helpful for beginners who’re starting in a hacking career. The question was “What is your biggest regret of all time in learning hacking? And what advice would you like to give who’s newbie?”

There are times when we regret doing somethings which then leads to nothing helpful as this guy says he wasted 3 years of his life learning subjects which he’s not finding helpful anymore. …

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used in the management of the data stored in the database. Which is often misused by attackers and often exploited if the website is not sanitizing the user input. This data may include any number of items, including sensitive company data, user lists, or private customer details.

An attacker can perform malicious SQL queries against the vulnerable website and can retrieve, edit or delete the tables. these queries can be generated and executed automatically by the tool called sqlmap.

sqlmap is an open-source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting…

if you are reading this article then you must be known about the craze of GPU cracking, well what is actually GPU cracking and why is it better than CPU cracking? why bitcoin miners are using GPU cracking what is the reason behind that? And why you should learn GPU cracking to help yourself to grow your knowledge in the ethical hacking field. All of these questions will be answered in this article.

topics covered:

  • CPU vs GPU at computing
  • How hashes are cracked?
  • Best tool
  • The cheapest way to GPU hash cracking
  • Best wordlist

Before diving into cracking, first of all…


what is command execution?

The Command injection is also known as OS command injection is a way of exploiting system applications with running external OS commands by obtaining the shell which can be caused by poor sanitization or validation of the user input. And which might lead to the execution of arbitrary command execution on the target system. This may also lead to the compromisation of the whole database by an attacker which may include the user's personal information.

the attacker can request, delete, add, edit the information (eg. …

Have you ever wondered your favorite tool should work the way you wanted or you found a bug or spelling mistake and wished someone could just fix that? well with open-source agenda you can do that or you can just contribute to the project you love using, but if you’re overwhelmed by the process and never tried? I’ve been there too.

In this article, I'm going to show you how you can get started with an open-source project and start contributing to the project in no time.

What does open-source mean?

we’ll start with a simple analogy, let's say your favorite dish is Tacos…


If you’re the red team pentester it's always useful to carry an ultra-long-range wifi antenna. which has high gain as well as high reception, suppose you’re a long distance from your target and have no time to walk towards it what you can do is just point the long-range antenna facing your target and now you can hack it easily.

In this guide, I’ll demonstrate to you how to build cantenna (can+antenna) and will give you some bonus tips as well. Keep in mind that this is a directional antenna you’ll need to point is towards your preferred destination.



In today's networks, there are many different types of networking protocols exist today. but there always comes a risk of attackers who are always finding new ways to exploit networks get inside whether it’s layer 2 or layer4-7 it doesn’t matter. So with these types of increasing attacks, there always comes a need for education. So being all that said let's see how you can take down a layer 2 network using yersinia. The information given in this blog is only for educational purposes, try this only in networks you own.

yersinia is a framework mainly designed to attack layer…


Remember xHelper? A mysterious piece of android malware that re-installs itself on infected devices even after users delete it or Factory reset their devices. Making it nearly impossible to remove. now we all heard of those stories and Reddit posts like this one.


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